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hello, friendlies!  how are all of you?  fine?  I thought so.  So, so much to do today in so little time, but I shall do my best.  I am ridiculously excited to tell you that the picture of the lettuce(s) was picked from my very own garden.  Growing lettuce is so easy and it tastes so much better than anything you can get in the store.  This is a blend of mesclun, microgreens, and spinach,  and was tasty for days.
ok, other food pics.  Used the leftover brisket to make hot beef sandwiches.  Basically, just chop up the beef, and simmer it in stock, make some mashed tates and when you are ready to eat, plate it on top of a healthy hunk of country bread, and top with the mash and the beef.  serve with a green veg (I chose broccoli).  Also made a vegetable soup at the beginning of the week.  I was feeling that I needed a vitamin boost.  Into I put: onions, leeks, pablano peppers, serrano peppers, garlic, rainbow carrots, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, green beans, collard greens, kale, and tomatoes. Very good stuff.  I also used some of the leftovers to make a curry (just reduced the soup down and added indian spices, frugal?  Yes, tasty?  duh.), hey, I like to stretch my leftovers taffy thin.  
other newsums:  It is wife and I's anniversh (3 years) on wednesday!  So buy us some leather goods (we prefer satchels), or just wish us well, either's up to you.  We were going to go all out and eat dinner at V Mertz, but we decided to stay home instead.  here is our proposed menu for wednesday (pending the fact that we can get everything we need)
1st course:  applewood smoked, apple cider glazed pork belly w/ salad of microgreens
2nd course: Beef Filet Oscar with pommes de terre Noisettes (basically, a tiny, round french fry) and caramelized brussels sprouts.  
wine: Terrazas de los Andes Malbec, 2007, Argentina
dessert: assorted cheese plate and mint-chocolate chip gelato (If I can get to making it).
wine: Rudolf Mueller Eiswein, Germany
we'll see what actually makes it onto the plate.
DISH recommends:
OXO salad spinner.  Yeah, ok, I know you can soak your greens and dry them on paper towels, but that's a waste of paper, you only buy the salad spinner once. 30 clams.

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Chris said...

I can't handle all your good looking and sounding food. It's making me crazy.