I honestly doubt that Zeus ever ate "ambrosia" salad...

Made a salad with my garden greens, had it with some tuna (packed in olive oil), boiled tates, parsley, and cherry tomos.  Served it with a pomegranate vin and seeded pain de campagne (new killer bread at the bakery, only in taste, you'll survive eating it, I promise)
the middle dish was cinnamon, honey, and raisin brioche french toast with fried bananas and maple syrup.  yums.
last was  "elken von Kaiser."  Yeah, I know that's a made up germanesque name (because i made it up, duh) but I thought it sounded very german, which is exactly what I was going for.  anyway, elk sausages, red cabbage, and potatoes, braised in beer.  Could you get more german? Maybe, but not without some Lederhosen.
ok, going to keep it short, have too much to do today, want recipes?  just ask:)

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