"that roma's hot, for sure, but I've got my mind set on "fleur"

If you thought about your vegetable garden like it was a high school, then cauliflower would be the timid, shy girl that is actually quite fetching, if only someone would give her the time of day. Not like that showboat, "sweet corn", his silky hair, and towering height, the envy of all the class. or what about that tramp, "tomato", those wicked curves and blushed skin, always saying, "go ahead, give me a little squeeze, I don't mind ;) " and btw, she's been paired up with just about every vegetable possible (girlfriend gets around...)
and then, there's cauliflower...I mean, it looks like a friggin brain, people. who wants to eat a brain (ok, let me rephrase that, who wants to eat a brain when it's not tucked inside some delicious ravioli or made from jello...cause I would eat either of those things)?!? If it weren't for a little ingenuity and a little makeover, we might never tap into the potential that lies within this smart little vegetable.
Cauliflower on it's own and uncooked is, let's be honest, less than stellar. it has a nice crunch, but I imagine that locusts and crickets do also. it's very pale. it needs a tan. and a spicy outfit. we get this by a trip in the saute pan with some olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and some chili flakes. now it's ready to party. throw on some grated parmesan if you want to hit a home run (leave it off if you just want to make it to 2nd base:)
crispy sautéed cauliflower
(I like to cut my pieces vertically into sections about 1/2 inch thick. this way, one individual section is a single serving. also because it looks, like, totally awesome. also also, I really like this method because the cauliflower gets all golden and crispy on the outside, almost as if it were dredged in flour and deep fried.)
1 head cauliflower, cut vertically, into 1/2 inch slices (see pic)
olive oil
coarse sea salt, peps
chili flakes
grated parmesan
lemon wedge (optional. i squeezed this over mine at the end. was delicious, forgot it for the pic)
heat a few glugs of olive oil in a saute pan over med heat until shimmering. add cauliflower and let cook until golden brown (approx 5-6 mins), turn (carefully, she's sensitive) and repeat. season browned side with salt, peps, and chili flakes. check for doneness by piercing stem with a pairing knife, should be tender, but not mush, set on platter, newly-browned side up and season again. grate cheese over, give a squeeze of lemon and enjoy. I like this paired with lots of things. It's also good alone. it's also good if you are with somebody...
ps. I suppose you could do this in the oven. I suppose...
DISH recommends: All clad saute pan. I use this all the time. it has fast become a workhorse in my new kitch. kind of pricey, but will last forever.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

hilarious post. Will have to try this. BTW I actually LIKE plain, raw cauliflower...weird, I know!

josh healy said...

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Chris said...

Are we going to get a video tour of the completed kitchen??

the DISH said...

well, I hope so! only problem right now is it's not exactly, well...complete. still have a few things to do and then just finish work, but I think that we are gearing up for round two. it'll be worth the wait:)