Yeah, I know, super late, but thought I would post a few thanksgiv pics. Crudite and cheese/bread/cracker plates are essential (not to mention crazy fast, you just need to find what you like and plan ahead). Also, if you prefer, cheese board can wait until last, it's kind of nice to end a meal that way, try it out. First pic is a cheese board with some St. andre (soft triple cream), Beechers flagship, black diamond white cheddar, and some locally produced aged gouda from branched oak farm. The little mugs have some local honey ( a must for cheese boards, great to dip semi-firm/firm cheeses in), and some diced dates (go really well with soft cheeses like the st. andre and also chevre). plate below has different bread/crackers and also some serrano ham- wrapped figs. Try these out, seriously. You could use any salty cured meat, just happened to have the serrrano. just wrap around the figgage and toothpick them. easiest appetizer ever. Crudite plate was just some carrots, cukes, celery, tomates, and a creamy dressing made from sour cream, white wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic powder, and salt and peps. also had some artichoke hearts, mixed olives and pickles. Other two pics are my turkey that was brined, compound buttered, and rubbed with lemon zest and fresh herbage. Notice that I don't use a roasting rack (in fact, you might as well toss yours out, I did). Cut up some veg and place the bird on this while it roasts. I do this for every big meathunk. The reason being, when you go to make a sauce with the drippings, you pour everything through a sieve and press on the veg, releasing all of their juices. Makes for delicious gravies. The other cured meat-covered turkey pic is, well exactly that. Before roasting any poultry, I lay some sort of cured meat across the top, whether it be bacon, or prosciutto, or pancetta, etc. Take it off when it starts to get crispy and this will let the breast skin catch up to the rest of the bird. Plus, you now have bacon crumblies for your gravy. Magical...
that other pic is the full thanksgiving monty. was so stuffed. there was also delicious pie.
TG sides were roasted brussels, sourdough stuffing with dried apples and andouille sausage, mashed tates, cider gravy, and corn from dish's folks. Also made a cranberry apple and toasted walnut conserve, but failed to snap a pic.
DISH recommends: Plain White dinnerware. Your food looks better on it, trust me. I don't really know what the brand is (I think it is just called "HOME") but we get our dinnerware, service dishes, etc., from target. It's inexpensive and built like a sherman tank. It has it's own space in an aisle and is all open stock, so you can piece it together little by little. The crudite and veg plates (along with most of the other plain white dishes You'll see on here) are in this collection.


Anonymous said...

Um...where are the wifeshow props? I assembled those trays, Mister, and they looked dang good :P

the DISH said...

haha, yeah. if anyone was wondering why the trays looked so nice, it was the wifeshow. cheese/trays of any kind, are her spesh.