If you burned alive in your car this morning, it's not my fault...

Right about now, I'm wishing that I was the owner of a snow-blower. New house=lots more driveway=huge amounts of snow schleppage. and while this is a valid gripe (and I assure you that it is), the main reason that I am wishing this is because of a major privacy infraction that was administered to the dish around 8:30 am this morning. As I was outside, I saw a local news car (10-11) drive by. I was instantly taken back to the time that I was a little kid, outside having a picnic with my cousin (eating sausages, duh!) and the same thing happened. The cameraman came up to us and filmed us playing/snarfing, and then left and we were on the news later that night. Seriously, there is nothing newsworthy about kids eating sausage. fast forward to this morning. Dish is outside wishing for snow-blower, cameraman drives back by, gets out and starts filming me scooping my drive. He says, "Really wanted to get a shot of someone clearing their drive the "old school" way. I calmly replied, "mister, I'm nothing but old school." (ps. really hope they edit out sound, probably said a bunch of stupid stuff to the guy, I was pretty annoyed at the dude) About this time I'm thinking, "dude, seriously? this is the most newsworthy thing that you could be doing?" so, as I am in the middle of this, camera guy gets a phone call and when he's done goes right back to filming. I sarcastically say "breaking news?" and he replies,"there's an automobile fire holding up traffic." About this time I'm wondering why is he still here filming, and he calmly says, "let's get a shot of the scooping from the shovel's eye view." ?1?! So, If by some major coincidence you are in the small microcosm of the population that reads my blog and/or you were either held up in traffic this morning by the flickering flames of a burning daewoo/and/or you were in the burning vehicle, trying to escape but your skin was melding to the bucket seats, I heartily apologize. See, if I had a snow-blower, none of this would have ever happened.
oh yeah, food...honestly, I have a back-log of like a month's worth of food here so I am going to barrage you peeps with pics. the first pic is some brown sugar and chile-rubbed pork loin with some bourbon glazed sweet tates and beer braised greens (lacinato kale). Second is a quick potato salad with green beans, tuna, sourdough croutons and vinaigrette, and third is penne and meatballs (half beef, half italian sausage). the sweet potatoes were pretty excellent and also easy. Just peel them and toss them with a few glugs of bourbon and a couple tablespoons of dark brown sugar. salt and pepper them, and put a few pats of butter on them and bake in a buttered dish at 400F for about 40 minutes. pretty awesome stuff.
Othersnewsbitsofthingsotherthanfoods: I bought a machine to carbonate things. I heart it, bigtime. I was a pretty big Perrier addict, so this thing will pay for itself (works out to be like .20 a bottle). I am excited to make some sodas and lots of other fizzy drinks. Should be a big hit at parties, which is good, because my conversational flashcards are... indeed...not.
DISH recommends: Sodastream Pure. making unfizzy things fizzy is my new passion. Which is good because that whole making unfuzzy things fuzzy campaign didn't really take off. Really thought the world would embrace a fuzzy nectarine...turns out that spot's already filled.


Chris said...


P.S. 20 inch wide 6.5 horse Snapper snow monster at my house. All you need is a truck and you can come borrow it! I don't shovel unless its just a dusting.

(Electric start too!)

the DISH said...

hahaha, dude, I seriously might take you up on that offer:) I do have a truck...:)

Chris said...

Well if we get what's forecast you sure can use it.

westadad at yahoo.com

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

hahaha this post made me laugh out loud!
Sarah M