"for all the cows" or "My life is all about balance?"

I'm singling out my sister-in-law on this one.  She has commented before that there are not enough veggie treats on here so, Erin, here you go.  no, I'm not talking about the two pictures of steak (HA!), I'm talking about the face melting bean and potato tacos photo.  I had kind of spaced off lunch and had to make this dish on the fly, but sometimes that is when you really shine.  Taco recipe to follow, sista (because I know you will want to make this one).
Ok, other pics:  Maximum Beefage.  Somehow we (wifeshow and her opening act "the husband experience) managed to score an unbelievable ribeye at the grocery.  I'm telling you it was marbled to the deeps up in that business!  I think it somehow managed to slip by whoever was grading it.  Anyway, true to form, all of the fat melted into the meat creating an amazingly tender steak.  Accompanied with a potato and onion Rosti and a microgreen salad, it was pretty hard to beat.   I know that a lot of grilling advocates will argue that I ruin my steaks by the saute and oven method, but I don't care.  don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a nicely grilled steak, but for me, this method prevails.  You lose all of your "fond" when you grill and you don't get that great opportunity to make a sauce with the pan  "leftovers."  
Anyway,  I've said it a million times, but please, give this method a try.  click here for the method. (scroll down to bottom)
Other sort of newsworthy snippets:  I've lost about 10 pounds. I didn't want to lose ten pounds.  Wife says that it is because of the yoga, but, at first I had a hard time believing her.  can yoga really do that to a person's body?  I think that I underestimated it. well, actually I know that I underestimated it.  It really is more of a workout than just stretching and bending.  I have been doing yoga on the days that I don't lift for about a two months now.  I can't really say that my results are typical or not, I really have no reference here, it was just something that I thought that I would start doing to be more flexible.  To be honest, I look forward to it just as much or more than lifting.  the dish gives it two spoons up.
DISH recommends:
A good set of tongs.  trivial, you might think, but having a sturdy set of tongs in your kitchen is like having an extra set of hands; a set of hands that you can dip in the fiery belly of a medieval dragon (depending on the make and model, of course:).  I got mine at Sam's Club (when I had a membership) they're sturdy and decently gauged.  I think they were under 20 bucks.  
Potato and bean tacos:
1 decent sized potato
1 can  pintos
1 tomato (or a big handful of cherry tomatoes)
1/4 of an onion
1/2 poblano pepper
1 clove garlic
fresh cilantro
salt and peps
chile powder
veg. stock
 corn tortillas
feta cheese
in a small pot, parboil your potato (you cut it into small dice right? Of course you did!).  While that's going, saute the onion, pepper, garlic, tomato, a good dose of cilantro, and the spices.  Add some stock here and there as the mixture begins to thicken.  after about 5 min., the veg will start to soften and you can add the (rinsed) can of pintos to the mixture.  Using a potato masher, smash them up to desired consistency (I like mine smooth/chunky, also my nickname in highscool!) add a bit more stock and turn to low, stirring occasionally. onto the tates!  Your potatoes should be parboiled by now (a knife should insert with minimal force, but they shouldn't be "mashed potato" soft.  Drain these well, and then toss them into a hot skillet with olive oil.  Let them brown on all sides (5-6 minutes total).  remove and drain on paper towels.  With your oil still hot, add your tortillas and lightly fry on each side, I said LIGHTLY! you still want to be able to fold these:)  Now you are ready to eat!  Top the tortilla with a generous helping of beans, potatoes, more fresh cilantro and some feta cheese.  You can also add salsa and anything else you like, except tinfoil or pipecleaners, I don't think those would be very good.  Enjoy!

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