Don't you think it's weird that they call them "push-ups?" I mean, you have to come down sometime...

Up until last night, I had never had (or made) bubble and squeek.  Traditionally, it's made from leftover winter veg (usually root vegetables that were roasted).  The idea here is just to smash them all up and fry them in butter and olive oil.  How can that be bad, right?  I'm really surprised it's taken me this long to try it.  The results were pretty good and surprisingly sweet.  I used leftover veg from my braised chicken (baby yukons, carrots, parsnips, turnips, garlic, and I think some mushrooms made it in there too).  Pretty tasty.  It made me wonder what other leftovers you can smash up and fry in butter, but, alas, that is another post entirely.
As I mentioned, I made a braised chicken the other night.  I have been using chickens from plum creek farms.  I would definitely recommend them. very good flavor and I know that they are treated humanely. I feel better about eating happy things, well, better than they feel.
I also made a small batch of pork chili the other day.  It was actually from a pork shoulder that we had at work and it was just hanging out in the walk in, so I figured I might as well make something out of it.  Sometimes I think that I am strange like that.  I find myself looking forward to making things out of leftovers just as much as making the original thing.  Maybe I'm just thrifty, or maybe I was a scavenger in another life.
Other newsy newsthingys:  Martha was telling me about Bruce lee the other day.  Apparently, he never used any weights to work out, just his own body ( and a pull-up bar, but I don't think that counts) and the guy was super ripped.  It kind of made me start to re-think the way I work out.  Is it more useful to bench press 240 pounds or to be able to do pushups with just your thumb and forefinger?  I'll bet the meathead that can bench the big pounds can't even come close to the bruce lee pushups.  Just a thought.  So, yeah, I am going to try and do more resistance exercises using my own body.  
on a sidenote, I am going to the boiler room for dinner tomorrow night.  Super excited.  I'll try to snag some pics if wife will let me (my guess is no, but maybe I can sneek the tiny digicam in) and give you all an unbiased review of the place.  From what I can tell, it looks pretty cool, and at least I know the bread is good.  (check it out here)
DISH recommends:
Cuisinart Green Gourmet pan, 8 " non-stick. Used this on the squeeky stuff.  super non-stick, and won't release toxic fumes (like teflon) and kill your pet birdies or harm your frank and beans. (I'm not making this stuff up).

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