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So, I totally forgot to tell about my experience at the Boiler Room.  Well, let me just say that it was fantastic!  Definitely one of the best meals I've had out in a long time (since vacation).  I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and it was one of those times where you draw dinner out for a few hours and just hang out with pals and enjoy it all.  What did we feast upon, you ask?  well, patience, my little crickets...I'm about to divulge:
let's start off with the the very first thing:  water.  big deal, right?  wrong, and wrong.  Upon arrival, wife and wife's besty were asked what kind of water they would like for the table, still, or bubblified.  anyone who knows me, knows I have to have the bubbles.  They also brought still water out in a big glass bottle, just like we do it at the disharosa, big points scored.
we all scoured the menu and chose three first courses:
braised and glazed pork belly:  absolutely delicious!  I love pb, you just have to know what you are doing when you cook it, and this particular one was cooked very intelligently.
Lamb kibbah w/ arugula and white sardine salad & hummus:  Hmmm...this dish was interesting.  the lamb (which was spiced very well) was served tartare style (I failed to realize this upon ordering.  It was ok with me, but wife was totally not down), and while I didn't particularly enjoy any of the three components on their own, they really were tasty when eaten all together.
marinated olives:  I love olives, but I particularly love really GOOD olives.  these were actually not brined and marinated in house.  A touch that my non-olive eating wife particularly enjoyed.
and now for the entrees:
Wifeshow's Besty (aka "marebear")-- hanger steak- Served med- to medium rare.  Most times, the less expensive cuts of beef are the most flavorful.  this was no exception.  I don't quite remember what it was paired with, but I do remember it being delicious.
"Iske Business" (aka "james")-- james is like a mullet haircut (just hear me out here, pal).  A head on look at him and you think, "this guy is all business.", but by the time you take a closer, 360 degree look, you're thinking, "this guy is all party!" that's why james ordered the John Dory.  it was good, but not as good as...
Wifeshow:  Escolar (white tuna). easily the best piece of fish I've had in nebraska (although that isn't saying much), and one of the best I've had (that is saying something).  very firm and steaky, and expertly cooked.
theDish:  sometimes I feel like I sacrifice personal enjoyment for the sake of culinary exploration.  I'll be honest, every bone in my body wanted that hanger steak.  I love hanger steak.  a normal person wouldn't have thought twice about that, right? Right?  so what did I do? "Yes, I would like the Calf's liver for my second course?"  Really?  Surely you jest?  No and also no.  However, I will say that as far as liver goes, it was the chateubriand of liver.  Served with charred parsnips and oyster mushrooms, it was very good.  Kind of reminded me of heart.
We rounded out the meal with an excellent, EXCELLENT! cheese board that also came with local honey, brandy-soaked cherries, and toasted pecans.  A shot of espresso (from lincoln's own Cultiva Coffee!) and a few bites of saffron cake later, and that was that.  So, I know this little "review" is a bit silly and probably doesn't do the boiler room justice, but really check it out, it's a quaint, cool little place with excellent food and service, and it's actually really affordable.  highly recommended.
ok, dishfood:
I made some sushi the other night.  Hadn't made sushi forever, got a little crazy with the wasabi, but still good.  I had wife pick up some sashimi grade yellowtail from whole foods and then coated it with black sesame seeds and seared it.  it gave it a really nice, nutty flavor. check out my cucumber garnish.
Stout-braised chuck roast with root veg.  When did beef brisket get so expensive?  I went to pick up a  non-corned brisket on sunday and was shocked to see that small ones were around the 15-17 dollar range.  price gouging, much?  oh well, I had a charles in the freezer, so i just made that instead, still tasty.  I'm sleepy, I should be in bed.  pieces.
Dish Recommends:
Sushi: taste and technique.  a really good book with good photos to help you out along the way.

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Marebear said...

Marebear is especially fond of the description of "Iske Business" ;)

We had a great time with you guys!! Thanks for getting us out of the house for an EXCELLENT date with the DISHes.