love me tenderloin

I roasted a pork tenderloin on friday night. I roasted it in a cast iron pan on top of some potatoes.  I like this method because the pork fat bastes the tates while they cook.  tasty indeed.  I did have quite a bit leftover, so ended up making two other dishes out of the rest.  The middle dish was sort of a variation of huevos rancheros (the egg is underneath).  i really like this dish, probably one of my favorite breakfasts.  the last dish was just some last minute nachos.  I had some pretty grand plans to make a roasted chicken with risotto and roasted brussels sprouts, but we got caught up in the events of the day, oh well, probably do that tonight.  
the weather was super nice yesterday.  It made me think that perhaps spring will come earlier than thought.  Although, we always get a terrible snow storm in march.
Well, I have one more post to do, so I am going to cut this one a bit short. 
DISH recommends:
Lodge Cast iron skillet:  ok, so this website lists this as way more than I would spend, just a warning.  Your best bet is to go to TJMAXX or a thrift or garage sale.  Don't pay over 20 bucks.  I use mine for everything.  Last summer, I even started putting in the coals of my weber grill and using it for stir frying, an easy way to get wok-style heat without a wok burner.

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Jody said...

10.5 inch lodge logic skillet for sale today at amazon for like 12 bucks. Think I'm gonna get one!