nothing rhymes with sausage

It was so nice yesterday that I just had to smoke some meat treats.  I was rummaging around my deep freeze when I ran into the sausage pile I made about a month ago.  I wasn't really happy with it when I had made it, I think I was just in a bad mood from doing it all day long.  I like to hot smoke sausages, It's just my personal preference.  I had kind of missed my little smoker.  I bought it last spring.  It's something that i had wanted to do for a while and just thought that it was a lot harder than it actually is.  Mine is a charcoal smoker, I know that there is also an electric version of this same model, but I like the old school method, and I'm sure that there is some more flavor imparted doing it this way (although, the electric method might give you more temperature control).  So, you really should pick one of these little guys up.  the box said that it could smoke up to 50 pounds of meat at a time, but I really doubt it.  I have done a pretty big pork shoulder and sausages at the same time and it worked great.  check it out, they're really affordable and kind of a fun little hobby to have.  peace.
DISH recommends:
brinkman gourmet charcoal smoker:  ok, this is the cheapest place that I found this.  I bought mine at lowes for about ten bucks more, so if your hometown has a lowe's that might be the way to go.  seriously, give it a shot.  if you can use a crockpot, you can use a smoker.  around 55-65 bucks.  pieces.


Mia said...

Using the wise words of Mrs. Dish, "Polish Girls love a good sausage." ... though we never did get around to making the T-Shirts....

Diggin' the DISH, Steve! ;)

Chris said...

Meat, fire, are a GOD!