flexible vegetables or ps--i did indeed NOT invent the word "carcolepsy." Darn urbandictionary.com

Today, I find myself in the unusual position of having a little bit of extra time on my hands.  I'm not quite sure how this came about, really...I had a longer day than usual at the bakery, and I took the dog on our usual run and also worked out.  Kind of weird really.  Anyway, the important thing is that I have some time to post some stuff.  We've been eating pretty light so far this week.  We had a really good salad of mixed greens with goat cheese, grape tomos, sesame sticks, cranberries, rye croutons (from work, of course), and cucumbers. We flaked a little broiled salmon onto the top and I made a blood orange/balsamic vinaigrette for the dressing. I am actually a really big fan of salads.  They're so easy to put together and your options are pretty much unlimited.  Definitely a timesaver
The center picture is a ham and goat cheese flatbread (can you tell I have been lazy this week?)  Again, super easy.  I actually used some pizza crusts from work for these.  Brushed them with some olive oil, roasted garlic, and then crisped them up in the oven. 
Recognize the final dish??  well, actually I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but it's the veggie soup from a couple of days ago (that's right, make a big, fat, tasty gasp!).  I reduced it until it got very thick, added some cumin, coriander, curry powder, and cilantro and then swirled in some plain yogurt and served it over basmati.  I cut so many corners here, it was ridiculous...ridiculously tasty. Lazy? Maybe, but no one is ever going to accuse me of not getting the most out of my leftovers.  
other non-food things:  I have to admit I used to be a skeptic of yoga.  In fact, I used to not even consider it working out.  however, for the past month, I have been doing "Yoga burn."  It is a dvd I bought at target, put out by a company called Gaiam.  After one session, I felt like my body had been wadded up and thrown in a back-alley dumpster.  Even so, I kept with it and I must say that I feel pretty good about the strides I have made in my flexibility.  Being flexible is something that I think a lot of us don't think about...at all.  I know I hadn't given it much thought, but it really has helped me out at work and even just in general.  I could barely touch my toes when I started and now I am putting my nose to my knee (lying down, not standing...yet). So, I guess what I am saying is that you really should give it a try.  I am going to keep doing it. don't get me wrong, I like lifting, but there is something pretty cool about using your own body to improve your body. 
DISH recommends:
Cuisinart 4 cup rice cooker.  Yeah, I know...complete and total indulgence, but it frees up a burner and I like having a rice cooker, dagnabit!  50 clams.
Yoga Burn.  This guy's name is rodney yee.  last name short for yeecantbeseriousnobodybendsthatway. around 15 bucks.

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