"Hey, Moses...give me a break here, we've been eating quail forever!"

Let me just say, for the record, I love chicken.  However, I need a break.  we've been eating chicken all week long.  I made some chicken salad with the rest of my braised chicken leftovers, and last night I made chicken normandy.  My version is sauteed chicken breasts instead of the dredged and fried stuff.  the normandy sauce is basically stock, apple cider, and cream.  pretty tasty.  I served it on top of some pureed potatoes.  The potatoes were actually almost a disaster.  I was going to just make mashed potatoes, but somehow all the water in my pot (lid slightly ajar) had evaporated and the potatoes were just starting to brown on the bottom.   I added a little water and scraped up the browned bits and then just pureed them with some of the normandy sauce.  nice save.  sauteed zucchini rode shotgun and it was all over from there.  here's your do:
chicken breasts
apple cider
chicken broth/stock
salt and peps
olive oil
in a med. skillet, heat a tablespoon of olive oil.  add your seasoned chicken breasts and brown on both sides.  as soon as they are browned, add about 1/4 cup of stock to the pan, scraping up the bits with a wooden spoon.  this will reduce and get thick, I promise.  when it does, add about the same amount of cider.  let this get thick again, and add a little more stock.  on the last time, instead of cider, add a couple of splashes of heavy cream.  by now, your chicken should be done and juicified.  slice chicken on the diagonal and top with sauce.  serve with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...
DISH recommends:
Gerber's all natural "amish raised" chickens.  No hormones, additives, or science junk.  just chicken.  all tasty. all the time. I think they even let them have beaks, OH BOY!

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