what's yours is "Minestone"

I had never made minestrone before.  I was planning out the menu for the week (you do that too, right?, of course you do.) and came across this recipe from Martha Stewart.  It was magically delicious.  There are so many "good things" in here.  Red onion, celery, carrot, pasilla peppers (my addition), tates, cannelini beans, cabbage, peas, tomatoes, and pasta (I used penne).  Made some sourdough croutons for supreme crunchiness, OH SNAP!

so, back to the menu thingy.  You really should give it some consideration.  wife and I have committed to dining out only once a month.  There are a few reasons for this.  The obvious one being that it saves a lot of money.  Number two reason:  It makes going out special.  We have a certain dollar amount that we set aside for things, i.e. going out to eat, etc.  by saving this money up for a month, we can afford to go somewhere really nice and not just a lot of really craptastic places.  the other obvious reason: It makes me a better cook and it makes me think about what we are putting into our bodies.  So....back to the menu...again...sorry, I got sidetracked there for a bit. every sunday, I make a menu for the week.  You might think that this a pain or you don't have time for this, I say phooey to that!  if you have time to watch tv, you have time to do this.  get together some cookbooks and just go through them and pick out some recipes you want to try.  arrange them into a week's worth of meals, being conscious of not serving similar things two days in a row, and then VOILA!  you have your grocery list.  remember what I said about saving money?  Well, you only need to buy things for what is on your menu.  You can eat leftover's for lunch that next day (because your dinner was so tasty, you'll be looking forward to a rerun), so your pretty much covered for the week.  Don't forget to pick up healthy snacks and fruit and veg.  
otherworldlynewsworthy news:
I am going to be a baking machine today.  cookies, galettes, and pie crust dough.  but first, I need to take mbf on a walkies and work out. pieces.
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Making a Menu:  have you picked up the theme for todays post?  try it for one week, if you hate it, well, then you're probably a little bit stupid, but you can come up with some other inferior method:)  here's the menu for this week at my house:
Sun: Minestrone w/ sourdough croutons
Mon: Pork chops w/ apple gastrique, roasted potatoes, and braised greens
Tue: Spaghetti Marinara w/ snow pea salad
Wed: Shepherd's Pie w/ sauteed Broccoli
Thur: Ale-Braised Cornish hens w/ roasted root veg
Fri: Teriyaki Salmon Bowl
Sat: Rustic Elk stew

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Erin said...

Steve, this morning I planned a partial menu! Woot woot! Mine's turning out to be a bit tricky because I'm trying to think of dishes that can go meat or veg for the nights I know Nick & I will eat together. That has to be one big advantage for you; being the married chef of the house & all. I declare myself up for the challenge, however!
My menu so far (for the next 5 days):

Thurs: Speedy black bean taco night
Fri: Tofu with Peanut Ginger Sauce, brown Jasmine rice, steamed carrots
Sat: Cheese or Meat-stuffed Manicotti, green salad
Sun: Nick's choice (...hoping he makes his excellent Italian Wedding Soup w/ vegan & real meatballs to add)
Mon: Healthy-ed up Trader Joe's Jaipur Vegetables, brown basmatti, broccoli

Ta Da! You're an inspiration, brother. :)