A Colon One

So, the other night I used my new pot to braise a chicken.  I forgot to take a picture.   Just know that it was crazy delicious.  I had a ton of meat left over and was wondering what I was going to do with all of it when I thought that making a galette would be a great idea.  My sister in law made one over the holidays that was pretty tasty.  her version was leeks and mushrooms.  Mine...well I wasn't sure what mine was going to be so I just kind of played jazz.  A couple of skee bop's and a shoobady doo later, I had made a pretty tasty filling. shredded chicken, caramelized onions, feta cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, spinach, salt and peps.  it kind of reminded me of spanikopita.  Also, I forgot to mention that I made the crust from a "Gourmet" magazine recipe.  I picked up a cookbook a while back on Gourmet magazine's best of the last 50 years or something.  they claimed that this crust recipe was especially delicious.  However, as usual, I had to improvise because their recipe was a little wonky (one version too small, one too big).  I did like that they combined both butter and shortening.  It made for a very flaky, tender crust.  will definitely use it again.  I would post some sort of recipe for this since it was so good, but I'm not even sure what i did really. hmmm...the world may never know. (ps...I hated that kid on the tootsie pop commercial.  I didn't like that smug owl either...not one bit.) 
Other newsworthy news:  ok, so I know a couple posts back I briefly mentioned a total body cleanse.  I never really followed that up did I?  that's what I thought.  well, the other day at work Martha said, "hey, have you ever looked up those testimonials on colon cleansing?"  My response was no, and I have to admit, I was more than intrigued.  I looked them up when I got home and they were pretty horrifying.  disgusting. etc. etc.  well, it really made me think, "wow, what if one of those terrible half jump rope half gila monster petrified turds is lurking in my deeps?"  I figured I had nothing to lose (well...) so I went to whole foods and bought this total body cleanse deal.  I was a little reluctant to try it, but so far, I feel better than I have in a long time.  it is supposed to clean your liver, kidneys, colon, etc.  I haven't had any CYE car wash moments yet, but we'll see what happens.  I still have a couple of weeks to go.  yeah, yeah.  I realize some of you might grimace or wince, but come on, you know what they say "death starts in your colon."  Or is that "death lurks in your colon?"  Hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one.
DISH recommends:
Yerba Prima Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing.  They also have a women's version.  because you could swallow pipe cleaners, but there's no guarantee you'll get them back.
pps. I oiled my cutting board.  doesn't it look nice?

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