Because sometimes I make sausage all day long...or EUREKA!

Weekend eats. Tasty treats. We were so cold and hungry on saturday night. Needed something substantial to ward of the frigid briskies (also my band name, don't even think about stealing it, hipsters.) Steak was the solution. booyah achieved. Sunday morning around our house means breakfast. We take sunday morning breakfast pretty seriously. This time, it was Croque Madames. Wife had a great idea to make a smoked gouda bechamel. It turned out great. I liked it quite a bit. A Croque Madame is basically a grilled sandwich with an egg on top. I suppose you could put whatever you wanted in the layers, but I usually do some ham, bechamel, and cheese. the top gets a little more bechamel, cheese, broiled in the oven until melty and finally an egg (and you better make that over easy, over med. at max!:). ok, so you won't find it on any Weight Watcher's menu, but sometimes you have to treat yourself. Everything in moderation, man. Oh, we usually don't eat lunch on sundays, just a snack or something.
Notice the beautiful egg yolk on that pic. If you haven't given free range eggs a go, you really should. In this country, chickens are treated like animals (oh, ...wait a minute), I mean, well, they're treated very poorly. take comfort in the fact that these get to actually have beaks and run around doing chickeny stuff. It makes a difference. If you don't believe, then I will give you some of mine and you can do a side by side taste-off with your stodgy old beakless birdy eggs. Also made some authentic chicken tortilla soup. I did this because I had some free range chicken to use up and I had wanted to make this for a while. I did it the old school way, with epazote, roasted ground chiles, thickened with charred corn tortillas. excellent. It was as good as any I have had. If anyone's interested in the do, let me know, I have to go make 20 pounds of sausage now. no, seriously, I am. Either I am a fool, or just someone who is up to my deeps in pork butt...or both...foolishly up to my deeps in butt. pieces.
DISH recommends
LeCreuset Stock pot. I think that mine is a 12 quart. Not quite sure, but I don't want to go look right this minute. It's bomb proof. and can hold enough to feed a militia. usually around 60-99 clams.
EGGLAND'S Best Cage free eggs. Super Creamy,dark, velvety egg yolks can be expected when you cook up one of these conveniently packaged treats. Highly recommended. A little pricey, but suck it up. don't buy so much soda or something, quality only hurts once, or in my case, about every two weeks.

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