wife cannot even come close to eating a whole steak.  Actually, I can't either.  We usually buy large steaks and cut them down to make them more manageable.  I used my old standby method here.  Saute on both sides, deglaze the pan and then into the oven to finish.  Absolutely the best way to eat a steak.  I know that there are those of you who argue that the grill is the way to go, but you lose all of those flavorful drippings.  The grill is good, but this method wins out.  
I always let the steaks come to room temperature (or at least close) first.  It makes it so much easier to get an accurate cooking time/temperature.  Served with baked tates, sauteed broccoli and sugar snaps.  And baguette, of course.  Lots to do today.  Finish holiday shopping, cleanups, and start making some limoncello (inspired by marth).  
Speaking of homemade hooch, I made some peach liqueur that was finally done on saturday.  I was told that it turned out really well.  I gave it as a gift at wife's work party.  Which, by the way, was full of delicious Indian food.  Aneetha (amy's boss)  is Sri Lankan, and her mother prepared all of the food for the night.  It was amazing!  Like a wonderful indian buffet inside of someones home.  Chicken, salmon, lamb, cauliflower, samosas...all there, all tasty.  be jealous, fools. peaces.
DISH recommends:
TJ Maxx.  We pretty much did the bulk of our holiday shopping here.  Lots of sweet gifts, nice gifts, for cheaper than you could get at target or wal mart.  check it out.  you sometimes have to do some searching but it's worth it.

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Mia said...

Why yes, Steven, the Indian food was de-lish. But you neglected to mention what I believe was the best part of the meal: CHOCOLATE DECADENCE. This orgasmic dessert is Aneetha's mother's specialty. And the reason I WORSHIP her.

On another note, I can attest the peach liqueur is fabulous. Since it was *I* who fought for, and won, the deliciousness in a bottle. Kudos DISHes! You will be seeing what is left of it on New Year's- in our Peach Martinis!

One last 'food for thought' ('Wifey' and Mia love our puns!)- I must say, your 'DISH' photography just POPS on those white plates. ;)

Much love from the Iskes