a hundred bad guys with swords!

Swordfish is one of my favsies.  It's very meaty in texture (like a fish steak, not a fish stick) and matches up well with about anything you want to throw at it.  This night, I threw some ground pistachios at it.  
This was a recipe that I use to make as a chef.  We used halibut and hazelnuts, but the basic process is the same.  The sauce on top is an  apple-thyme vinaigrette. The apples are brunoised (cubed super small) and mixed with apple cider vinegar, honey, olive oil, fresh thyme, s&p, and a little sugar.  It makes for a really nice sauce, and you serve it at room temperature, so it's something that you can make well ahead of time (just make sure to stir it again if the emulsion has settled).  Paired up the fish with some couscous.  Which, by the way, is really ridiculously easy and really tasty.  give it a go sometime.  I threw in the rest of my pistachios, dried cranberries, and sauteed zucchini.  After that was mixed up a bit, I added a little more olive oil tossed it into a hot skillet, making a sort of "fried couscous."  magically delicious, fools.  
DISH recommends:
orca bay frozen seafood:  ok, ok.  I know that fresh is always best, duh.  However, I live in the midwest, where beef is king and pork sits on the right hand side of the throne.  Do you know how hard/expensive it is to get really fresh, good looking fish here? NO. you don't.  so this is a decent alternative.  Wild caught.  wild night.

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