"meat me in Montauk!"

Today was a day...well, sometimes there's a day...sometimes there's a day...and sometimes there's a day for meat.  I seriously have no idea how I have time for typing this right now.  I made a quadruple batch of beef burgundy.  13 lbs of chuck roast went into that.  I had to rearrange my fridge just to fit it in.  I have no idea where I am going to put anything else.  Guess I should have thought of that.  also, I made 2 pate de campagne. (french country pate of ground pork, bacon, cognac, and ham).  Yumsters.  I've never had it, but seriously, how can that be bad?  I am also making a brisket for the festival of the lights...and latkes.  
to the foods:  cauliflower curry...mini whiskey glazed "meatloaves"..."jools pasta" from a jamie oliver recipe.  I hadn't made indian food in a while and I was inspired from amy's work party.  it was pretty tasty.  the whiskey meatloaves were made for wife, one of her favsies.  I also served those with a potato galette.  The tuna dish i have posted before, it is tasty...and easy.  i was going to write out some recipes, but I am pooped.  expect some holiday postings, fools!
Dish recommends:
Bon Appetit:  I just started getting this magazine.  Pretty good.  the pate recipe is from this.  We'll see...we'll see.
Sleep/relaxation:  I am looking forward to getting some of this, extra day off towards the end of the week...booyah!

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Mia said...

Um, Steve... you neglected to mention the "Urgent Care" portion of the evening. And let me tell you, after hearing the whole gory story this morning, your avid readers are missing out on quite the adventure!