Parisian Macaroons

I have two things to say about Parisian Macaroons.  They're pretty much the cutest cookie on earth; And you should probably take a weekend off if you want to make them.  Are they really that cute? Yes.  Do they really suck to make?  yes.  They probably wouldn't have been that bad if we had just done a single batch and hadn't tried to do multiple colors and flavors.  however, we were a bit ambitious and by the end, we felt pretty defeated.  Wife did most of the work. (her cookies were prettier than mine).  Let's just say she is pickier than I am, and when it comes to this cookie, picky rules.  Basically, they are like a meringue, of sorts, with either a buttercream-ish filling or jam or ganache.  We did a few jam, but most of them were with the buttercream.  The green ones had pistachio and honey filling.  They were pretty fantastic.  I would like to make these again, but they are so demanding.  Perhaps we will try again with a better plan of attack.
Other newsworthy news:  we bought a chest freezer yesterday! Let the meat games begin!  Actually we were trying to clear space out of our freezer (to freeze the macaroons) when wife was startled to find 31 pounds of pork butt hanging around.  we decided that it might be a good idea to have a home for our meats of the world, so now they are resting gently downstairs by the washer and dryer.  back to the butts:  I am going to have an extreme sausage making party in the near future.  anyone interested?  I could probably use some help.  
DISH recommends:  
Kitchenaid professional 600.  one of my best pals in the kitchen.  true workhorse.  christmas is close, treat yourself, or your favorite cook. $299 and up
silpat.  I wish I had at least one more of these (winks, nudges)
Cuisinart 14 cup, brushed stainless steel food processor, $199  need something minced, sliced, shredded into oblivion?  here's your do.

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