chili weather

It was COLD yesterday, wicked cold.  There is only one cure for a day like that...chili and cornbread.  Over the years, I've made lots of different types of chilis.  Pork, ground beef, all beef, vegetarian, chicken, turkey,  you name it.  With that said, this is the basic one that I always come back to.  The meat being used might change, but the basic make up is the same.  Onions, garlic, red pepper, pablano, chili powder, cumin, coriander, cilantro, s&p, and ibarra mexican chocolate.  I do add a can of plum tomatoes also.  I like chili that isn't overly tomatoey and sweet.  actually, I hate sweet chili.  I have no room in my life for that stuff.  
The cornbread is an adaptation from a rose levy recipe.  While I don't really acknowledge her as being an expert on bread, I will say that her recipes for quickbreads, cakes, muffins, etc., are pretty good.  I really like this one for cornbread.  it has a lot of sour cream in it that gives it a nice tang and moistness.  I usually put a tablespoon or two of honey in it also.
Other newsworthy news:  I stopped in at the Cafe Indigo (supplied with coffee from cultiva
) today to sample their latte tricks.  My friend Tamara works there and is quite the barista.  Good stuff.  So, check it out.
DISH recommends:Cafe Indigo, Latte, any size.
snuggin with buddies (dog buddies, that is) 
Staub, La Cocette,  Best when it comes to dutch ovens.  better than LeCreuset, in my opinion.  you won't regret the hefty price.  peaces.

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