They call it "wild game", but it doesn't hold a candle to "candyland" with my grandma.

I wasn't going to cook yesterday.  I had been thawing some meat my mom had given me (I think this was either elk or antelope, I can't remember) because I wanted to make chili.  I realized it was way too much for the job so I decided to make some mini burgers, or "sliders."  I love mini food.  In fact, sometimes I wish I was a giant just so I could eat things on a smaller scale.  I have wanted to (but probably never will) throw a tiny food party for years!  Anyway, I pattied these babies up and seasoned with a little balsamic, worcestershire, s&p, and sauteed them in a skillet.  After both sides had been browned, I threw in a little beef broth and let that reduce.  two purposes:  the liquid helps the meat cook faster, more evenly, and you get sort of a lovely sauce that coats the meat.  I also made some broccoli and roasted some russets.  Today was another long day at work.  Flour deliveries really suck the life out of me.  Especially after monday workouts.  Sleepy treats aplenty.  peaces.
DISH recommends:
swanson lower sodium beef broth, grocery stores everywhere.  While I always favor homemade stocks, beef and veal stocks aren't really cost effective for the home cook.  You have to have quite a few shank bones to make a good stock, and that's just not something that I have kicking around on a regular basis.  Swanson makes a darn good substitute, with not as much sodium as other brands.  If you'd like to take it a step further, you could always simmer some carrots, onions, celery (or even a few bones) for a richer taste.  

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Erin said...

Let's have a tiny food party when Nick & I come vis over Christmas!