retspih, def. the opposite of a hipster. someone who likes listening to bands everyone else has heard of.

Made a red wine, chocolate cake two days ago.  It was pretty good.  Very earthy and rustic.  I got the recipe from a "Gourmet traveler" magazine.  I remember wanting to make it a long time ago, but the recipes was in grams and I didn't have a scale back then.  I think that I would make this again, but I think that next time I would make it into cupcakes. I like cupcakes for their size.  There is less commitment in a cupcake. It's more like having a casual relationship with your dessert.  Oh yeah! I almost forgot.  I am going to be in the paper tomorrow.  A reporter came to the bakery this morning to interview Martha and I.  Hopefully we didn't make fools out of ourselves.  Guess we'll have to see. I'll post the link on here tomorrow.  In the meantime, happy cooking.  Also, are you noticing the stellar photos?

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