Chopping Bones With one of the Stones.

Ok, so that took a little while.  Sorry about that.  I have been really busy with work and stuff.  It was the month of vacations, so that meant that everyone was working hard and being over-worked.  soooo, the good news is that Software was loaded on the pute and now I can upload lots of sweet new pics.  The dutch oven there is my birthday present from wife.  8 quarts of exquisite bliss!  I also treated myself to a global cleaver.  I am going to cleave the crap out of food.  Lock up your chickens and butternut squashes!  So, back to the dutch oven, I think that I prefer this brand to the more popular "LeCreuset." It's made by a company called "staub."  They're located in Alsace, France.  Seems a lot more heavy duty than the other.  I have a Lecreuset, and they are really nice, you can't go wrong with them, I'm just saying I think that these win out, they're built like a tank, or more like Keith Richards in a tank! I like the inside of these because they are just plain, seasoned cast iron, instead of the enameled cast iron.  
To the food...I made some delicious pork the other night.  Made a gastrique out of apple cider vinegar and oj and white wine.  Reduced it a lot and then basted it on the pork roast that I was grilling (over indirect heat, of course!).  So, anyway, I chopped the leftovies and simmered them in some bbq.  Sandwiched them up and served with roasted root veg (parsnips, carrotsnips.)  Exquisite!

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