The picture of "Durian" Grey

No food stuff today, just thought that I would post a picture of gus when he was a puppy.  Man, he was cute.  I can't even believe that we are almost done with the market season.  Only two left.  It seems like it went so slow at the beginning, but now they (weekends) seem to be flying by.  
Wife and I went to dinner last night, Thai Food.  I had this idea that when I went out to restaurants that I would start trying new things, but it is so hard to branch out when you have found something delicious (like panang curry!).  However, I did live a little and had a nice glass of pinot noir.  Although I don't condone going out on a regular basis, I do enjoy it if the food is something that I can't or don't have the tools to make at home.  Otherwise, what's the point.  Most of the time, that is the basis of us (amy and I) going out or staying in.  with some careful planning and basic knowledge/skills you save yourself a lot of money and develop some decent cooking chops along the way.  Always think about ways to increase your kitchen prowess.  We are tigers, lurking through the pantry, ready to pounce!  

(Anyone who makes the connection between the title and last sentence is super savvy)

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