I'm so livid with you turkeys...you're like a cool bunch of idiots!

I made some cornish hens the other night.  I really like the texture of these little guys.  It's kind of like chicken but a bit stringier, for lack of a better word. Not in a bad way though, more like the texture of goose.  I actually ended up "spatchcocking" or cutting the bird down the spine and flattening it out so it would cook faster and more evenly.  It seems kind of horrific when you are doing it, like maybe it should be in one of those lame saw movies, SAW 6 1/3...you'll never believe what he does to the chicken.
  I was looking for some white wine to use in this dish when I stumbled onto a little four pack of wine "boxes."  I bought them, they're about the size of a juice box, and actually perfect for using in recipes if you don't want to open a whole bottle.  So, while they may not be the best quality (they are not too bad though), they work pretty well for recipes.  I think that it's a good idea to have a few of them on hand.  (Steve pauses to go make some coffee)  In other news, markets are almost over, vacation is almost here, I sold my mountain bike and am going to use the money to get a sweet new camera, and I had 101 hours on my last paycheck.  Lots of information...too much maybe?  I'll give you a while to let it all sink in...
I made a huge pot of beef vegetable soup over the weekend to take to my pals house and watch the nebraska game.  ( I don't want to talk about it...the game) It was very spicy and very good.  I hadn't made or eaten that soup in a long time.  It is a recipe that everyone in my family makes, everyone having their different variation.  So, naturally, every time that I make it it reminds of growing up.  It was always my favorite thing that my mom made.  There was a stretch when I was living alone that my friend lance and I made that soup like every other weekend.  So, I guess if I need someone to be an accurate judge of the outcome, he is probably the one to do it.  that's where I took the soup to watch the game and he and my friend riley said it was tasty, so I was glad that I hadn't lost my touch.  well, I need to split, more posts.

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