Where are thee cheeps?

I love mexican food.  REAL Mexican food.  Not stuff like tasteless meat jammed into a crappy, flavorless tortilla, or dishes topped with piles of shredded cheese.  I like the good stuff, the real stuff that layers flavors so expertly that it makes you feel like there's a symphony in your mouth and your tongue and teeth are conducting it.  That's where Cochinitas (or "puerco")  Pibil comes in.  It's a dish from the yucatan combining pork with very pungent spices and an acidic marinade and slow roasted in banana leaves.  It's face meltingly good.  Serve it up with some homemade mexican rice and tortillas, garnish with cilantch and call it good.  Here's your do:
5 T annato seeds
2t cumin seeds
.5 t cloves
8 allspice berries
1 T peppercorns
grind all of these in a coffee grinder until fine and set aside.
2 habaneros, de-veined and seeded
1/2 C oj
1/2 C white vinegar
8 cloves garlic
2 T kosher salt
juice of 5 lemons (around 1-1.25 cups)
splash of the best tequila you can afford
put all this stuff in a blender, add your powder and whizz on high until combined
cut up around 5 pounds of pork butt(  only pork butt, everything else is too lean, and leave the fat on!  you can take it off later if it's not your style)
put the pork in a big ziploc (or a big pan would work, ziploc is preferred)
pour marinade over and let sit 4 hours or up to overnight.
roast, in a foil- covered baking dish at 325F for four hours.
tip:  if you want to be old school, and you know I'm all about being old school, you'll pick up some banana leaves and layer them on the bottom of your baking dish, hanging over the edges.  pour the pork mixture in, and fold the edges back over the pork, covering the entire thing with foil, tightly.

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