The reitz stuff

that's what wifeshow calls this "german" meal.  It is basically a braise of onion, cabbage, potatoes, sausages, and beer.  How could that even come close to being bad???  It is a very comforting, soothing meal (at least for those of us with european backgrounds) that never disappoints.  Here's how you do:
In a heavy casserole or dutch oven, brown some brats or kielbasa or any other mild garlicky sausage on all sides.  Once browned, remove from the pot and set aside.  add a little more oil to your pot and saute a very thinly sliced onion and some minced garlic until just getting color.  Add a small, shredded head of cabbage and cook for about 5-7 minutes until starting to become soft, translucent.  Season all of this with a generous amount of pepper, and salt to taste.  Pour in a bottle of beer and add your sausages back on top.  Cover and set in a 350 degree oven for about an hour or until the potatoes are quite done. Tasty.  I like to take the leftovers and make a sandwich with the sausage and top it with the cabbage/onion mixture.  

I made a spur of the moment bread at work today.  Martha and I were doing ciabatta and we forgot to stop making tiny rolls.  We had made four extra, accidental "whole rolls" (100 g of dough folded over once on itself and sealed, ready to be cut in half to make a tiny roll.) and instead of throwing them away, I stretched them out and braided them into a nice braid and we spritzed it with water and sprinkled it with sesame seeds.  It was pretty delicious and looked quite nice.  I wish that I would have had a camera with me.  All I had was my phone, so I took a picture with that, but haven't figured out how to post those yet.  If anyone wants to see it let me know I'll send you a pic.  Tastewise, it was really nice and nutty, perfectly complimented with a simple topping of fresh tomato, sea salt, and black pepper.  I hope that we get to a place where we make them available at the shop.  Maybe a bread of the month or something.  peace

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