You all in for a treat...was a saucier back before the war started.

No, Don't adjust the color on your monitor, its ok.  I just cook in hi-def.  I love sweet potatoes.  They always bring nice color and diversity to your meal.  Amy wanted some steak last night so we had ribeyes and some sauteed spinach.  Made a super beefy pan sauce and it was all over from there.  As the weather turns colder I will switch from grilling to saute.  It's always kind of sad to admit that the season has come to an end, but it also means that new things will be available to eat.  Squashes, citrus, sprouts, and dark greens will be in full throttle here soon, which is great!!  I think that we have decided to spend thanksgiving in the homeland this year as last year was a bit lonely.  Should probably ok that with the fams.  well, bye for now, have to exercise the dog, work out, etc.  busy day already and its barely started.  peace.

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