Porky porcupines

I made three different kinds of sausage yesterday.  Chorizo, Hot Italian, and traditional breakfast.  I made some meatballs out of the chorizo last night, and kind of did a variation on porcupine meatballs with some tomato sauce.  Mashed taters and broccoli, and that's that.  My banana muffins turned out pretty good.   i have been wanting to make something with apples lately, maybe because the weather is getting colder.  Like a pie or something along those lines.  I am totally digging my new days off.  Coming to work on tuesday is a much easier transition than wednesday because of the lower baking quantities.  There are a few drawbacks, like doing all of the sourdoughs and getting a shipment of flour in (heavy lifting!), but it's really not so bad.  This way I get some additional exercise, and get to form sourdoughs, which I actually enjoy quite a bit.  Back to the sausage, The italian turned out great!  I will probably use it on some pizzas, or lasagna or something along those lines. The breakfast is the same recipe that I made up that has become my standby, it's really delicious.  I really like using my meat grinder, it's nice being able to control everything as far as fat content and such.  I have really been wanting to go through recipe books and get ideas for new foods to try.  It seems like it is so easy to get in a rut, especially when you really like something and know it will turn out well.  
In other news...john asked me how often I think about food the other day.  I said, "Probably once every 5 minutes."  the sad part of that statement was that I was trying to give myself a buffer so I didn't look like such a nerd.  I guess it doesn't help when you have a food blog, etc.  Sooo, does this make me a total nerd who needs to get some hobbies or a "life"?  I'm not quite sure.  I think that you should do the things that make you happy in life, not the things that people think would make you happy.  simple, eh?  sort of.  It's no big deal, really, I have embraced my food/nerd obsession for quite some time now. I'm totally cool with it.  I love thinking about the weeks' dinners, weekend breakfasts, kitchen prep, and all that jazz.  Recently I have really missed being a chef.  I love baking, but my creativity was so sparked when I was cooking.  I guess I just need to channel that into dinners at home.  nerdy?  yes, but that's who I am and that's how i do...

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