Why? Because sometimes I just need to set things on fire, ok!

 I couldn't sleep when I got off of work yesterday, so I thought that I would do what everyone usually does when they are restless...MAKE PUFF PASTRY!  what??? you don't do that?  hmmm, well, I guess that's too bad for you.  I had some apples just begging to be used so I made a caramelized apple galette.  It was tasty treats!  I used some bourbon in the caramel and it gave the dessert a really nice, sophisticated flavor.  The recipe requires you to burn the alcohol off, once you add it to the caramel.  When I lit the pan, it was quite a bigger flame than I expected and it scared the dog pretty badly.  He got over it.  It's great now, though, because I have just under a kilo of the dough hanging out in my freezer and it will come in handy when I want to make some special treats.  I found myself feeling extremely peaceful and pleased when I was making the dough.  I think it will be something that I continue to do/keep on hand. 
I also made a couple of pizzas last night.  Mine was with mushroom bechamel, homemade italian sausage, rrp's and mushrooms.  Wife had turkey/bacon/mozz.  We should probably eat a lot of vegetables tonight.  
so, I did have a nice peaceful morning planned, thinking that I would forego working out and just sleep, but my stupid neighbors across the way are having a tree cut down that apparently requires the help of 15 screaming idiots to complete.  I guess I 'll go lift.  John brought some chocolate cake into work today.  Probably one of the best I've had in a while.  I love chocolate cake.  the best part was that it was made in muffin form and had no frosting, but was wicked moist anyway.  I had been thinking about going out tonight, but there are so few places here that are really good, I feel like I've exhausted my options.  We pretty much just go out for ethnic fare anymore because there are so few good (if any) cosmopolitan/bistro/new school american restaurants here, one of the reasons I can't wait to go on vacaash!  alright gotta go, happy snacks.

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