hey, Centrum, zinc is a mineral! false advertise much?

sooo...not one of my better pictures that I have posted.  I guess that is just a testament to how good this soup is (the fact that it is almost gone before I realized I had not taken a photo).  It is definitely in my top 5 foods I can't live without.  It started a couple of summers ago, back when I would go to the farmer's market instead of work all night baking for the market.  I was on a mission to create the best, delicious, vitamin-packed soup around.   consider it done.  It also has andouille sausage, one of my few vices.  Whenever I am feeling tired/exhausted/mildly sick/etc, I make a pot of this and after I have eaten, I always feel at least a million times better.  I'm not into taking medicine, unless it's in the form of tasty or spicy or at least undeniably good for you (in other words, gross {think wheatgrass shots}).  Kale (or any leafy, dark green) is abundant in this also and is so good for you!  This recipe will definitely be in the book, so look forward to it for sure.
well, its late and I have to work soon so I had better get to bed. peace.

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