Galette me outta here!!!!

I wanted to make a galette the other I did, great story, huh? I haven't made this since I cut the top of my finger off back when I was a chef.  I figured it was time to get back on the horse.  You cut potatoes very thin, usually using a mandolin( which is how I was hurt) and then layer (nicely seasoned, of course) them in a rosette in your pan.  The result id a nice top and bottom crust with buttery potatoey goodness in the middle.  Highly recommended.  I also made some pepper steak to go with, which was also tasty to the limit.  
In other news, Anthony Bourdain is going to be at unl this month.  Amy and I and our friend angela, and others, are going to go check it out.  Should be entertaining.  It seems like september is shaping up to be a busy one.  lots of things to do.  I'm going to make some sausage today, just not linked, I am not going to buy casings again until I can really get the most out of them (they're wicked expensive).  So, hope to be more frequent with the posting, I have a lot of new things that I am going to be trying here in the next few weeks.

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