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Wanted to do something a little romantic for wifeshow last week.  Thought that a little wine and cheeseplate would set the mood.  Correct!  Charmed the pants off of her.  Also had some flowers and chocolates and a nice card.  hey, you have to know how to push the right buttons when you're at the command center of the relation"ship".  ok, ok, lame joke, sorry.  Actually, I am still laughing, but anyway...
Bought 4 different kinds of cheese from around the world and some crackers/biscuits from england, and then some pain de campagne.  Had a cheddar from australia, a hard cheese from ireland (reminiscent of parmesan but fruitier), a "drunken goat" cheese, and an artisan semi firm cow's milk from seattle.  Cheese isn't the most inexpensive thing out there, but you definietly get what you pay for.  All in all, it was a great starter and something that I will try to do at least once a month.  Also had a braised chicken (that looks a lot like roasted chicken from a few posts back, ha!).  
So, in closing, do something unexpected and sweet for your gf, bf, wife, lover, husband, and surprise them, with some tasty before-dinner treats.  We move too fast here in the states and it's nice to slow down a little and have some time to relax with each other.  
Recommended cheese eating tunes:
Yo-yo ma
paris combo
pink martini
henry mancini

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