Slomgolian, or Slothgomilan or smothloganfarm??

ok, I swear I have heard my mom use that term for getting rid of odds and ends that you have in the fridge.  If memory serves, I believe she said you take everything leftover in your fridge that might go together, mix it up, add a couple of eggs and cook it!  seriously????  sounds more like a dare than a dish.  It reminds me of the weird kid at summer camp who would mix every soft drink and swirl jello into his mashed potatoes.  sick, weird kid.  
anywhosies, I kind of did that with this soup.  I had a lot of extra veg just kickin it around the ol' icebox, so I made a sort of loaded baked potato soup.  tates, broccoli, shallots,leeks, bacon, corn, etc.  some chicken stock and heavy cream.  tasty, and a lot more appetizing than smothloganfarm.

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