They say pancakes "stick to your ribs," but this meal coated my spine.

So this may be my new favorite breakfast.  Heuvos rancheros with refried beans and a side of bacon.  Just hear me out.  I know it sounds like quite the undertaking (eating that much and the actual cooking time), but sometimes (once a week:) breakfast should be special, a time to catch up and take it slow, hang out, drink some good whiskey, I mean coffee, and prepare for the day. Here's how I do:
There are two components to this rockin dish:  the warm salsa and some refried beans.  You could cheat, of course and just buy beans already refried, but if you are reading this, you know that's not our style.  Mince a small onion, and 2 cloves garlic, dice a pablano pepper (or you could use half of a green pepper), and dice 1 medium size tomato.  Get out a small pot and a large saute.  Put a quarter of the onion/garlic/pepper into the pot and the rest into the saute. Add a small amount of chili powder, cumin and ground coriander to the small pot, and about 2 teaspoons of the same to the saute. Cook until you get some color on both, then add some rinsed/drained pintos to the pot (I used canned, you could be old school and use dried but I hadn't thought that far ahead, maybe next time) and your tomato to the saute.  Also to the saute, add 1 small can of tomato sauce and a shot or two of stock.  let cook until the veg in the saute is softened and then blend or mash the beans (I used a stick blender), and blend the warm salsa in the saute.  At this point assess whether you need the salsa to be thinner (It should be slightly on the thin side if you are going to poach the eggs, thicker if not.) and adjust accordingly.  Now you have two options:  Poach your eggs in the salsa, or fry them in a separate pan.  I poached, and ended up overcooking them because i got distracted, so its up to you.  Cook to your own preference(I like over easy), and your done.  I served the eggs over some toast and topped with the salsa.  Serve with your beans and some bacon and you will not be hungry until dinnertime.  Oh yeah, add a little bit of the salsa to the refried beans and stir it up, it's great!  peace.

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