They are night Zombies!!!

So, last night I was meeting some pals downtown and it also happened to be the night of the "Zombie walk". Apparently, people dress up and smear fake blood etc. on themselves and walk downtown in droves and hold up traffic and such.  I have no problem with this, in fact, it's pretty funny.  However, some idiot turd and his ugly zombie girlfriend got in my face and stared at me, slack-jawed and crazy eyed.  I would venture to guess that the aforementioned turd could pass as a zombie without his makeup. Anyway, it was marginally funny for half a second, but after that I started getting annoyed and wanting to throttle him.  I restrained, but started thinking about what exactly he was trying to prove or what he was trying to accomplish; I haven't reached a conclusion.  Good thing I had read previously about the zombie walk, wouldn't have been so nice If I thought he was really undead.
 Anyway, to the food:  After I got home last night I was really hungry and craving something fried and greasy.  I didn't have any of those things, so I made an open-faced ham and eggwhich with some warm salsa.  It did the trick.  I listened to some crazy experimental "jazz" at the zoo bar last night.  Not my cup of tea, but it was interesting.  The weirdness was overshadowed by the fact that I did have a really good time with pals.  Although I don't get to see my mates that often, I always have a blast when I do.  If they are going downtown, they usually ride there...I followed their idea and it is really great.  you don't have to worry about parking and it's nice to take a leisurely ride out of your usual route.  ok, I gotta go.  lot's to do and the day is young. peace.

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