I've heard of people "dismantling" things, but how come nobody "mantles?"

Totally scored some heirloom tomatoes at the store yesterday.  I was really excited.  Yesterday was one of those days where you feel like you are doing about a hundred things and accomplishing less than one thing.  Oh well, it was still a pretty good day, all in all.  
Have made some great strides in laying out the cookbook.  Everything is somewhat organized and now just has to be written out and tested/finalized. I am leaving the design in amy's hands as she is wicked talented in that area.  I feel really confident that it is going to be really cool.  I am excited and that is good because it will definitely help me to get going on the thing, especially since I am really behind schedule.  I was reminded this weekend that I have been saying I would write this for years now but so far have not followed through.  This is totally off subject today, but I cannot type to save my life right now.  It's like I have hot dog fingers or something.  I should really post this message without spellcheck, you'd all be horrified.
so...about the pic:  I braised some lambshanks with leeks and root veg and served with an heirloom tomato salad.  Heirlooms are totally jem, dressed with a little herb chiffonade (basil, thyme, parsley) nice salt and peps and some fruity olive oil--exquisite.   The lamb was good, but I must confess that it was not my favsies.  while I really like lamb, I think that I needed to season the shank with stronger spices to offset the somewhat gamey flavor (usually the shanks of an animal, being surrounded with all of the fat and tough fibers have a high concentration of flavor).  In other newsworthy news, I have decided to try and eat more fish.  unfortunately, in my part of the world that either means that you pay huge premiums for the good stuff or you buy frozen.  I bought some frozen stuff.  However, just because it is frozen does not mean it is bad quality.  I actually picked up some nice tuna and salmon of respectable quality so I was pretty jazzed about that.  anyway, I had better go, time to start mantling dinner. peace

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