Putting the Jazz in Jasmine

Made some tuna steak last night. Tasty treats!  Served with some jasmine rice and some steamed asparagus.  I also made a honey-soy glaze for the fish and it was really nice.  I got the idea from a cookbook I have on minimalist asian cooking.  There are some great ideas and concepts in there, I will be trying more in the coming posts.  That's one thing I love about eastern cooking, the ability to take few ingredients and turn it into really good stuff. So, as promised (to myself), I have started to eat more fish and I have to say that I am digging it.  It's a really good idea, actually.  Fish is one of the last great wild foods, I think that there is something to be said for that.  I have really been thinking a lot about the things that I eat lately, and trying to develop some sort of philosophy on why I eat the things (and the way) that I do.  I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be that I appreciate that the animals/vegetables I make were provided for me and want to make the best possible things that I can out of them.  Odds are, those animals were probably happier not on my plate, so I have really been thinking about that lately and not taking any of it for granted.  I'm not saying that I am going to give up eating meat (anyone who knows me, knows that is impossible), I think that I am just going to give up eating crappy meat, or food made without love.  I mean, this is the stuff that we put into our bodies, people!  Think about it!  I have to go.  sleepy treats await.

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