Are you here for the Equinox?

I really wanted risotto yesterday.  I was thinking about it all day long.  I don't really think that a lot of people make it and that's kind of a shame.  It is a wonderful, filling side, but a lot of the time I use it as a main course.  Last night's was a roasted tomato risotto that I served with some roasted green beans.  Risotto usually takes about 35 minutes.  It is rice that is sautéed dry with aromatics and then cooked with hot broth, a ladle-ful at a time, until it is al dente. one of my faves.  It is basically the same method every time with windows that allow for different flavoring.   I always add a little vermouth (tip from my sis, Erin) before the stock and it gives it a really nice perfume that hangs on throughout the dish.  
I had a dream during my nap that I kept breaking my new glasses and then getting them fixed.  weird.  hope it's not foreshadowing.  Autumn is upon us in date, however, I am still waiting for it to feel like autumn weather.  I love when the weather starts to turn chillier and I have my windows open, snuggling farther under the down comforter and feeling a slight chill on my face.  Ultimate sleeping weather.  I love that soup is a welcome meal multiple times a week.  I love sweatshirt weather, roasted food, chilly but not cold bike rides, and switching to drinking hot lattes at work.  I am ready for you autumn, bring it on.

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