I just want to sit at home and cheese all day long...

Made some macaroni and cheese the other night.  Actually the "macaroni" was a combination of rotini and celantini and the cheese was a combination of about 5 cheeses i had chillin in the ol' icebox.  It was really good.  Parboiled the pasta and then made a basic bechamel.  When the pasta was done I tossed it with the bechamel and all the cheeses and then put it into an oiled casserole and covered with breadcrumbs (from a loaf of pain de campagne) and parmesan.  Foiled it up and baked for about 15 min @ 350, then uncovered for about 15 more, until it was golden.  Tasty.  The only bad part about this is i made so much and it is not the best "re-heater".  Oh well.  
Another weekend gone, only three more markets to go, and then, vacation and some much needed time to work on product research and finish (and start, haha) my book.  I was hoping to get it close to done by the end of the year, we'll see how that goes.

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