picked some beans and peas from the garden yesterday and sauteed them with some shallots.  Also, I picked up a baby potato medley from the grocery (stoked they had purple peruvians) and roasted those with heavy cream and parmesan...healthy.  Also scored some cheap cherry tomatoes.  I had some chicken on hand so I sauteed that with the cherry tomatoes and shallots, deglazing with vermouth.  All in all, pretty good stuff.

pretty excited that the new batman is coming out.  I'm sure it will be sold out for a while, so I will wait until next week.  It hasn't been a very good summer for riding bikes, at least not trail riding.  It seems that it rains pretty consistently on wednesdays and thursdays. I know I haven't been riding as much as I would like to.  

well, its another friday so another market day is under way.  they seem to be getting easier and easier.  be sure to check us out at both lincoln and omaha locations.  peace.

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