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So, last Christmas my mom (I think) got me a cookbook by jamie oliver.  It has some pretty good recipes, this being one of them.  At first I thought it sounded kind of weird, but it has really grown on me.  you start off by sauteing red onion, red chiles and basil stems with a little bit of cinnamon, salt and pepper.  Then once it has become softened add plum tomatoes and smash them up, also adding tuna packed in olive oil.  This dish is also responsible for getting me to eat tuna again.  I have discovered that the kind packed in olive oil, while substantially more expensive, is substantially a lot tastier.  You also add lemon juice and zest (lemon, not the bar soap) and some torn basil leaves and parmesan.  Whole wheat baguette came along for the ride.

Somehow managed to cut my hand at work today on the mixing bowl...weird.  Had a lot of ciabatta to do.  Well, in all honestly, Martha had a lot of ciabatta to do, she's usually the one responsible for most of the ciabatta production, and all of it on fridays.  We started doing the forming of whole wheat baguettes by hand, as to not mess up our moulder, (whole wheat yeasted tends to stick to the felt) and although more time consuming, I have kind of been digging it.  They look so much prettier formed by hand, but when you are baking on the scale that we are, time is your main concern.  Hopefully I can get fast enough that it won't matter that much.

well, I ended pickle production yesterday.  I was kind of apprehensive when I moved them to the fridge, thinking that I had ended the game early and wasn't altogether happy with how they had turned out.  However, I have had two of them today and both were pretty good.  Actually, they were really good.  Maybe hanging out in the fridge was good for them.  Super crispy, tangy and sharp.  Swing by my house if you want to try one out, I just might let you...maybe...actually we'd probably have to barter.

My mom and dad are coming for the weekend, so I will probably try and make some tasty treats.  They are pretty into food as well.  I went out to the garden today and to pick some beans and saw my tomato plant on the ground.  At first I thought it was some foul play by the dog, but realized the plant had just become too heavy.  I staked it off and tied it with some twine...no big deal.  I was looking at my sweet twine/stake job and noticed that the plant was as high as my chest...awesome.  should be getting some brandywines  "real, real soon."  peace.

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Erin said...

Steve! Send me some pickles in the mail!!!