I was wondering if I could...

 Borrow the car?  Take you out to dinner? Ask you for a kidney even though you only have one? Well, the answer will be a big, fat YES if you serve this salad beforehand!
Tomato season is almost here!  I have quite a few green tomatoes on my plant, and am getting really excited.  one of my favorite things to do with them is make this salad.  Avocado is the base and is topped with diced tomatoes and bacon and then scallions that have been flash fried in the rendered bacon fat.  A scattering of nice sea salt and cracked pepper really rounds out the salad.  The "dressing"  is just two-thirds balsamic vinegar and one third pomegranate juice that has been reduced to a thin syrup consistency.  This is an old picture but I was checking out my tomatoes the other day and thinking about this.  Cilantro chiffonade would also be a nice addition.

I am planning on pulling my lettuces and broccoli rabe this week and replanting some arugula and kale.  I want to make something with lentils and linguica this week, and also Amy and I will be making cupcakes soon!  Today, I am smoking a pork shoulder on account of my parents being here (I heart smoking meat), and will probably make some delicious coleslaw also.

lots to do today so I had better get a move on.  still need to do some bike maintenance, yard work, work out, and exercise the dog (his body, not his demons).  peace.

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