barbecure for the common...

I smoked a pork shoulder on my days off this week.  It turned out great.  I made some oven fries and coleslaw to go along with it.  Also, My mom really wanted brussels, so she and amy made those too.  REALLY simple stuff, but really tasty. Methods to follow.

As you can see, had some buddies over to enjoy it because there was an abundance, (check out Brandon's giant piece of bread) forgot to take a picture before we "tucked in."  The coleslaw was something new, it had julienned apple and snow pea in it, gave it a nice, crisp sweetness, and the oven fries were some of the best ever.

For all you smokers out there, my method for pork shoulder is pretty simple.  Sea salt, crushed peppercorns, garlic salt, paprika, and/or your favorite steak seasoning.  One thing that I have found crucial is that once you put the meat in the smoker, never NEVER lift the lid (unless you are too hot. Lifting it adds about 30 extra minutes!)  I am usually able to go about 8 hours on one chimney of charcoal plus wood and a few extra coals.  

Oven fries are crazy delicious, in fact, I prefer them to fried fries.  I've found that "klondike rose" potatoes are your best bet here simply tossed in olive oil, grey salt, cracked pepper and fresh rosemary.  Oven @ 400F...about 1 hour...single layer on sheet pan...Score!  You'll Never go back, Jack!  What can I say about Caramelized brussels sprouts?  Nothing bad, that's for chure. Quarter them, rinse under water, toss into a hot skillet with olive oil, and some kind of minced onion/shallot/garlic.  Season with salt/pepper and any other seasoning you like (I'm a big advocate of cavenders greek seasoning) and saute, loosening the pan up with some stock/broth any time you build up some fond.  Add a couple splashes of balsamic vinegar and let the whole thing get super sweet and sticky.  you'll love these, promises.  (DISCLAIMER:  Amy always ends up taking over this dish and she will tell you that you need to turn the heat down a bit after you add the vinegar:)

Tomatoes are almost here, along with pasillas peppers, beans, and ancho chiles.  Meet me at the mall tomorrow? (I can't wait.)

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