I wanted to try something different yesterday so I made some lentils.  I had never made them before and was pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I had some left over pork shoulder and also some linguica in my freezer so it was a good opportunity to use that stuff up along with a plethora of vegetables that made their way into the mix.

Today was a pretty quiet day, as I am getting ready for market.  I slept a pretty solid 8 hours so I should be ready for the shift.  I don't have a whole lot of weekend plans except for some garden maintenance and some bike rides.  One thing that I definitely want to do in the near future is to make some pibil outside on my grill.  I did a chicken wrapped in the banana leaves and then foil and just placed it in the coals and it worked great.  I really love cooking outside, it's fun to change your methods around and see how things turn out.  I have been craving some sweet corn...a lot lately.  Hopefully I can find a roadside stand since I can never make it to the farmers market.  Maybe amy and I will make cupcakes tonight, or play tennis, or just lay around, or all of those things.  

Anyway, lentils, check them out.  Saute aromatics, add spices, meats (or tomatoes), cover with stock, lower your heat, whatchoo worrying about??  Nothing, because it will be delicious.  Now go find me some sweet corn.

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