how 'bout a little pep...

 i love pepper steak.  It exists in that spicy no man's land between fajitaville and stir fry country.  It's relatively cheap to make and fast to prepare.  Two things that are high on my list these days.  It's well-spiced with cumin, coriander, and chile powder and has the consistency of a perfect curry.  I like to serve it with rice, but the wife show and I have been known to eat it over mashed potatoes.  it's delicious. get over yourselves.  In the photo above, I was cooking it outside, since it just so happened to be a billion degrees inside our house and I wasn't about to add to the inferno.  I actually like cooking some things like this.  It was a method that i started using when we renovated (ahem, still renovating:) our kitchen and turned out to be pretty slick.  I'll post the do below.
 Behold, the carburetor. or carbonator. or irish carb-bomb.  I haven't decided what to call this sandwich I've been making, I only know that it haunts my waking moments and beckons to me like a starchy, salty siren. Baguette, mayo, avocado, crispy roasted potatoes and onions, and arugula.  It's all you need. ever.
 This is me, walking my pups, and carrying little pops.  I get so much done because of this baby carrier we received from our dear friends.  I'm able to do laundry, go on a hike/walk, cook, get groceries, and whatever else I might need to do whilst holding my little one and retaining the use of my mitts.  It distributes her weight really perfectly too, so I don't wear my back out.
 This started while our family was in town and I can't stop.  If you zoom in there, you'll see a brat split down the middle and resting on top of burger heaven.  It's solid gold wonderment. the snap of the brat paired with the burger is not only delicious, its a time saver...
...and that's something that I can totally get down with.  Any spare time I can wrangle, I try to spend with my two lovely ladies.  Seriously, take a look at this kid, who wouldn't want to hang out with this cool little chubster.  The entire time mames' was pregnant, people would always tell us, "everything changes", or "soak up this time together", and we did, we really did and I cherish that time I had with just the two of us.  Everything did change.  i learned that my heart was bigger than I ever imagined, I learned what it was like to see my wife's smile on someone else's face, I learned that my wife was stronger than I (or her) ever imagined (10 hours of labor with no meds of any kind, sheesh.), but the biggest revelation Ive had in these past three months was that the way I feel about my daughter, is the way my parents feel about me.
ok, down to biznass:
Pepper Steak:
olive oil
1lb flatiron steak, cut super thin (like ally mcbeal, or daphne, pre-niles), seasoned with s&p
1 red bell pepper, strippified
1 poblano pepper, ""
1 orange or yellow pepper, ""
1 onion, sliced thin
2 cloves garlic
nice handful cilantro
2 tsp each, chile powder, cumin, coriander powder
salt and peps
(i usually prep everything above and put it in a large bowl of love)

1 8 oz can tomato sauce
get a cast iron or heavy bottomed skillet super hot and add a little olive oil, then add the contents of the love bowl into said smoking pan and stir until you start to get a little color on the veggies, about 4-5 minutes.  now add your sauce and stir until it coats all of the other ingredients and then fill up the sauce can with some water.  add this and reduce it down until desired thickness is achieved, about 5 mins.  you can make this as saucy or dry as you want, i like it just a little saucy, but on the thicker side.  serve with rice or over potatoes, or you could spoon it into tortillas and have some pretty bomb tacos.  pieces.
Dish Recommends:  Ergo Baby Carrier. this is the only way I get anything done around here.