I just ruined the picture on my brain's plasma tv.

Just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that I am indeed still alive and cooking (but it's definitely getting harder, more on that later). These past few weeks have seen the departure of the beloved/hated flair, the completion of insulation and electrical (minus lighting) and the tearing down of a few walls (some literal, some metaphorical...). Mames and I have been pretty busy and most nights it seems like it is tough just to make it through dinner without our faces falling into our plates. however, for the first time since we started remodeling, it feels like we are finally starting to make some real progress.
anyway, this is a food blog about food so: the salad above is a sort of ramshackle cobb salad. This one had all the traditional stuff minus the eggs and blue cheese (chicken, bacon, avocado, grunions, and tomatoes. made a roasted walnut dressing. was delicious. I had smoked a pork shoulder earlier in the week and had gotten about 7.5 pounds of meat off of that sucker, so I froze some of it and made some cassoulet with the rest. click here for method. next pic is fish tacos. I used some wolf fish for these. I'm not sure what this fish even looks like...perhaps a quick google image search is in order, hold on...OH.MY.GOODNESS!! Why the deuce is open harvest selling me meat from demonic water dwelling gremlins!?!?!?!?! if you dare...click to see wolf fish here or here or here. Now I just feel awful. I was just about to say that they were fabulous but now I feel all sorts of violated. I always like to pretend that everything I eat is always either faceless or super cute.the other pic is just beef stew. I feel ok about beef stew. Man. I am still a little shaken up from that picture. well, I have to go now. with any luck I'll catch a teletubbies marathon or at least some gabba gabba...
DISH recommends:
NOT CLICKING ON THOSE WOLF-FISH PICS. (if you did...I'm sorry. I just thought, you know, solidarity and whatnot. If enough of us clicked, maybe we could start a support group or something...)


marfyc said...

Oh my christ! I'm so glad I didn't have any of those fish tacos! Do you think maybe that's the reason you were sick last week? Maybe wolf fish just stay alive in your innards!


the DISH said...

marth-ummm. quite possibly. that fish took me down