I don't know why they're called rival...they've always been quite friendly to me...

Well, we've started the big packing project, so DISH headquarters will be getting crazier and crazier. Only a couple of weeks until we move so postings might be a little less frequent. Luckily, I have some photos saved up to carry over until things get normal again and I get cooking on the baby blue beast. Things at work are going pretty smoothly. only 9 more farmer's markets left, and then I will (hopefully) be devoting more time to certain literary and food projects.
This week I inadvertently had a lot of beef on the menu. We grilled a giant bone-in ribeye on sunday and served it with some garden veg. Wifeshow and I usually split big hunks o' meat and still have leftovers. I think that is a common misconception about red meat. people think that it is so bad for you, but in moderation, it supplies vites/nutes that few other foods have (certain b-vitamins, and creatine). Plus, it's hard to beat a perfectly cooked ribeye.
I had made some veg soup earlier in the week and was getting sick of it so I turned it into some curry. Kind of a mix between thai and indian. all I did was put it into a skillet (having a nice big surface area helps the soup reduce much faster than in a pot), add about a tbs of red curry paste, about a tsp each of turmeric, curry powder, and cumin seed, couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, one spoonful of sugar, about a tbs of fish sauce and let it thicken up. Actually a really tasty dish. I like to do this with veggie soups because I usually make a lot and usually am getting sick of it after a while. plus, I've really grown to love this particular curry.
the third pic is a pot roast. I figured that I had better get re-acquainted with crocky, as I am not sure of the working order of the beast at the new house. Let me just say that a pot roast is a meal that takes me back, waaaaayyyy back. It was pretty much a sunday dinner staple where I come from and I was lucky enough to have a mother/grandmother that did it the right way. the key here is super low heat, for a super long time. I just cut up my veg and then put it in the crock (although in the winter I use my dutch oven @ 275F (8 hours), for extra house-heat) and then add a few drizzles of olive oil, some herbage, and then well seasoned cut of beef. a little beef stock and you are on your way. turn on low and wait for about 8-10 hours. ridiculously simple, but super tasty. oh yeah, and there is a super easy way to make a great pan sauce here too. will post at end.
other newfound newsbites: I am trying to save up for some camera goodies, to take better pictures, of course. I have my eye on a macro lens and an external flash. if anyone knows where to get good deals on nikon supplies, give me a !holla! (does anyone really say this?)
DISH recommends:
rival crockpot: my mom and dad got me this for christmas this year. My old one had fallen apart. A lot of cooks scoff at the cp's, but I think that it is a great invention. especially for summer. My guess is that anyone who hates them hasn't fully realized the capabilities. I like this particular model because you can select the exact time to cook, it goes to warming mode after time is up. All-Clad makes one that the insert can be put on the stove. I'm sure its glorious (as most of their stuff is) but it's also like 250 clams. and it's essentially a crock pot. what's in a name??? apparently everything.
Easy pot roast of beef w/ pan jus
3 med size potatoes, cut to your liking (I do big cubes)
3 med size carrots" "
1 med onion " "
1 small head cabbage, wedged/cored
3 sprigs thyme
2 sprigs rosemary
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 med sized roast (you can use chuck or rump, I used rump for this, approx 4lbs)
drizzle olive oil
salt and pepper
10 oz. beef stock
for pan jus:
1 tbs butter
1 tbs flour
1 cup broth from finished roast
your favorite steak seasoning (I use a blend of tony chachere's and cavender's greek seasoning...trust me, it's weird, but good...like edward scissorhands or cirque du soleil)
turn your crockster to low. spray the inside of the crock with pan spray or rub it with oil. cut up your veg and add it to the crock, seasoning with salt and pepper, and drizzling with some olive oil. Add the cabbage last, in the four corners, and then add the well seasoned roast (with salt, peps, and other seasonings), fat-side up (very important, the fat melts into the meat instead of into the liquid) and cover. let cook on low for about 8 or so hours. can be prepared the night before and turned on before you go to work. for the sauce: melt the butter (med-low heat) in a small saucepan and whisk in the flour. stir until combined and just starting to darken in color (light tan). then, add a cup of the broth from the finished roast and whisk. simmer on med- high, stirring occasionally, until the sauce coats the back of a spoon (about 5 minutes). Serve over roast. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You know, I've never added cabbage to roast beef (not that I make roast beef too often), but I love beefy cooked cabbage! Where have I been??


Chris said...

There you go with the curry again! I've got to stop blaming the "it'll heat up the house" excuse and just do it.