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Crazy busy week at work. although, I have a sinking feeling that every week is going to be like that from now on, at least until the market is over. We are making ridiculous amounts of bread and it seems that we keep getting more and more accounts. I guess that's a really good thing though, job security and whatnot. I did break up the week a bit by taking a day off for our anniversary. We had a really good time, did some gardening made some great food, rode the scoot. I didn't get around to making pork belly, so I settled for making some gougere (cheese puffs). They are super easy and are a great little snack or appetizer. The steak oscar turned out pretty decent, but I think that i kind of screwed up the sauce. Oh well, still tasty, but it was a little rich. The curry dish you see is actually a variation from a new cookbook called "how to eat supper." It is from the npr radio show "the splendid table." I have made a couple of recipes from it so far and have really enjoyed it. I don't necessarily like the layout (the recipes usually start on one page and end on another), but that's probably me just being picky.
other newsicals: garden is still doing pretty well. I don't think that my okra is going to happen so it will be replaced with beans or something. Wife and I are working on planning out the "Viking Party." just's going to be epic.
Dish Recommends:
"How to eat supper," the splendid table cookbook. So far, I like this book. I'll let you know if it lets me down, but I don't see that happening.
ps..will try to post cheese puff recipe later in day, too busy right now.

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Chris said...

I can almost taste that curry. Looks great.