No One's getting fat except Mama Cass...Ole!

So I had these grandiose visions for my cassoulet.  I was going to make little meatballs out of the linguica sausage I made a few days ago and put them in right at the end, along with some chicken thighs, cooked in the "confit" style, but...none of those things happened.  So I ended up with a meager meat selection of just pork shoulder and bacon.  Oh well, I guess there's nothing wrong with that, per se (Yes! I've wanted to say "per se" on here for a while.), but that's kind of the whole point of making cassoulet, isn't it?  Meat Fest...oh well, it was still pretty good.  File under definite redo, for suresies.  Served it with some croutons (baguette),  a little drizz of olive oil, and some fleur de sel.  Definitely comfort food.  
It had been a while since I had used dried beans.  I quite like them, I just forget about their superiority.  It's kind of funny how cheap they are compared to the canned variety.  anyway...

other newsworthy newsbits:  The bakery (LeQ) is starting to make cinnamon rolls.  I had one today.  Let me just say, "BOOYAH!!!"  they are so ridiculously good.  Topped with some creamy cheese frosting...dynamite.  We are also coming close on puff pastry production.  I am pretty excited to get some savory treats going around there.  I very rarely eat the sweet things at work, in fact, until today, I had probably gone about a month without having a pastry (if you don't count the samples of the puffy stuff.).  Sweets have never really been my thing.  Now savory...that's another story...

newsworthy news 2.1 (thanks wife, can't believe I forgot):  My Friend of many, many moons is now a dad!  My pal nick and his wife julia are the new parents of a snuggly little boy named Liam.  I think that we are going to try and take them dinner on saturday (so if you guys see this, does that work? hahaha.) so I better come up with a dish to commemorate. he's a cute little dude. congrats pals!!!
Dish Recommends:
Le Creuset 5.5 quart french oven.  I have had mine for about 4 or 5 years now.  It's definitely starting to show some wear.  Even though I constantly recommend Staub products on here, this pot will always hold a special place in my heart.  I think it was the first piece of expensive kitchen equipment that I bought.  Ahhh, memories...  around 230 bucks.


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to mention in newsworthy news that your best friend is now a father. Maybe I'm crazy but I think it is kind of big deal. - Wife

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to look at the "vrai" cassole I just imported from southwestern France:
I made my first cassoulet as soon as my shipment arrived. Turned out great.
And the cassole is a lot less expensive the french oven.
A cook in Philadelphia

the DISH said...

that thing is pretty sweet! hmm, and to think I was clueless about this...Thanks for the tip!